At CURAETD, we cherish the opportunity to impart our knowledge and guide you towards true nutritional self-empowerment.

Our goal is to enable you to make informed decisions so you can optimise your health.

These days, the internet enables us to access an astonishing array of complex nutritional products. So many options, that it can overwhelm even the most informed reader; unfortunately, many are not UK compliant and not always sourced from finest ingredients. 

We aim to take the guess work out of the selection process and ensure all products meet government regulations. 

All CURAETD’s formulas are conveniently bundled to optimise the targeted area and nutritional function.  This is made available in luxurious, sustainable packaging with an unrivalled after-sales support should you need further guidance.



CURAETD’s formulas are developed to a very high standard that we recommend our products to family and friends. Each ingredient has gone through a carefully considered process, selecting only the finest ingredients with optimal efficacy and biological function. We take organic mineral forms and omit any unnecessary fillers.


At CURAETD, we enjoy a strong working relationship with our key suppliers, taking great care to source only the finest quality. All ingredients are sourced locally and responsibly. Our jars are made from ultraviolet glass to preserve the quality of our superb ingredients. We believe we offer a luxurious product both inside and out.


CURAETD go to great lengths to deliver only the purest, finished products and avoid the use of unnecessary binders, fillers, flow agents artificial preservatives, flavourings and sweeteners. Where possible we use vegan sources.


CURAETD have a policy of submitting all formulas for UK food supplement regulation compliance submission, ensuring clarity and compliance of our label claims.