The conditions that exist in nature can be observed and mirrored in human and animal bodies. For example, our bodily fluids have the same ratio to our physical mass as the ratio of water and soil on the planet – 70:30.

Our bodies are therefore a microcosm of nature, we are part of it and are inseparable from it. We all use the same light and soil for nourishment. Since nature is in constant flux, our bodies are subject to the same seasonal rhythms and forces – the sun, the rain, and the varying temperatures.

Nature is at its most powerful and there is the greatest potential for growth when the relationship between heat and light is balanced with water and humidity.

Likewise, our bodies are at their healthiest when hydrated, warm and enriched with Vitamin D from sunlight. Inside our bodies, individual elements such as fluids and organs work together, for the benefit of the whole – the body.

The health of the body lays in the ability of individual elements to react appropriately to a wide range of influences, internal and external, in order to maintain the body's integrity and to balance the whole in every given moment.

Disease is a result of the body’s inability to respond, integrate and balance external and internal influences. For example, if our organs don’t receive enough Vitamin D from sunlight, our body can respond with deficiency, leading to a compromised immune system.

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