Focus on Immunity

Our immune system safeguards and protects us against disease. Its job is to keep us healthy and well.

Everyday our bodies receive information in the form of food, water, stress and pollution.

Our organism aims to process this information by using what it needs so that it carries on its daily functions.

An average human body is made out of some 37 trillion cells. Each cell creates around 100, 000 tasks every second of the day. Even when we are sleeping our cells are busy processing, absorbing, digesting, eliminating, cleansing and protecting us. All this invisible work is done so that our bodies can stay in the state of balance, in a medical world known as homeostasis.

The immune system, one of the 11 systems in our body, governs our body’s discernment of being in the state of health or disease.  It relies on our dietary choices and healthy lifestyle to keep us well and protected. With diverse genetic as well as environmental predispositions, and especially stress, our defence system can fail in its protective role, causing a range of health concerns such as allergies, infections and inflammation.

Immune system appears to be in continuous communication with its domestic environment, whilst trying to protect us from our external environment. Its innate intelligence is in separating friends from enemies.

To be protected against external pathogens and organisms, such as environmental toxins, allergens, microorganisms our immune system needs to be able to detect and destroy these dangerous substances. Upon detecting an enemy, the agents of the immune system will activate an army of so-called killer T, B and NK killer cells to deal with the invader. In an unhealthy, burdened, pressured, stressed and undernourished body-the invader can go undetected easily and cause an abundance of damage.

Factors that suppress the work of our immune system can be both external and internal. External factors such as drugs, radiation, pollution, smog, pesticides, industrial chemicals all compromise the working of the immune system.

Internal factors such as stress, trauma and emotional extremes can also lower our immunity.

Nutritional depletion, low protein intake, deficiencies in certain vitamins and minerals all interfere with the normal immune response. Low challenge diet free from allergens and chemicals can calm an overactive immune system.  Correct ratio of essential fats found in nuts, seeds, oils and fatty fish can help increase anti-inflammatory response. Combining correct diet and supplementation to boost immunity can rebalance and boost our compromised immune system.

At Curated, we wanted to use the latest modern scientific research and combine it with the practical experience of world leading naturopath nutritionists, in order to develop a complete combination of supplements that would maximize the strength of the human immune system.

To our amazement, we could not find the combination of nutritional support that would serve that purpose available from a single source anywhere.

So, we decided to make our own.

We have taken all the nutritional ingredients needed to supercharge the human immune system and combined them in easily absorbed formulas, in a single box that provide all the supplements your body needs to optimize its immune response.